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Aveți aceste întrebări despre încărcarea EV?


Aveți aceste întrebări despreEVse încarcă?


Există din ce în ce mai mulți proprietari de vehicule electrice. Să vorbim despre câteva întrebări frecvente despre încărcarea vehiculelor electrice astăzi.

1. Cum se alege un EV ChargingPile?

Chargingpiles are generally divided into DC chargingpiles and AC chargingpiles, which are commonly known as fast chargingpiles and slow chargingpiles. Fast chargingpiles are generally fixedly installed in public places such as indoor parking lots in residential quarters, outdoor parking lots such as commercial or service areas, electricvehicle chargingstations and other public places. The chargingpower is high, the chargingtime is short, and it can be fully charged in about 1 hour; slow chargingThe chargingspeed of the pile is relatively slow, and it usually takes 6-8 hours to fully charge, which is suitable for chargingwhen the driving is stopped for a long time.

2. Când ar trebui să încarcElectricCar?

The best chargingpower for electricvehicles is in the range of 20% to 90%. Chargingin this range can reduce the impact of chargingon the battery and effectively extend the service life of the battery.

3. Îl pot încărca în zilele ploioase?

The state has strictly controlled the waterproof performance of chargingpiles, charginggun sockets and other components to avoid accidents such as leakage during charging. As far as the electricvehicle itself is concerned, the on-board power battery adopts a waterproof design, and the chargingport adopts an insulating seal ring design.

Therefore, it is safe to charge on a rainy day. But for safety reasons, car owners can choose to have a canopy or indoor chargingstations for chargingas much as possible. In addition, pay attention to shielding and protection when pulling out the gun and closing the chargingcover of the vehicle to prevent rainwater from infiltrating. In case of severe weather such as thunderstorms or typhoons, try not to choose outdoor charging.


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